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PostSubject: Hide-n-Seek   Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:24 am

So here is how it works, there will be one game master, game master can include any member in Vanish and they are allowed to hide anywhere in the world of Mabinogi with the exclusion of pass dungeons (dungeons which cannot be duplicated due to requiring a pass).

2 Hints will be given at the start. One of those hints will be which continent they are on, and the next will be of their choice (an animal, terrain type, etc...)

Once the hints are given to me and posted on the site along with the start and end times (sever time), the hunt begins, find them within the time chart below and you will claim your prize!

Keep in mind, there is no rule stating that a game master cannot move around, they are free to roam and do things as long as they stay on the same map!
Event times:
If a game master is found before first half hour ends a reward of 250 points will be given!
If a game master is not found before then another hint will be given.
If found the player who finds a game master at this point receives 150 points.
If a game master is not found before Second half hour another hint will be given.
If found the player who finds the game master at this point receives 50 points.
If a game master is not found before Third half hour the game ends and the game master will receive a bonus of 100 points on top of their payment.

Game Master Requirements:
You must be available during the entire event time
You cannot be a game master more than once each event week
If you're a game master on Monday, you can't be on Tuesday until the next event week begins.
Game masters will receive 75 points for their services
If you're interested in being an event game master, please contact Sammy!
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