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 Information on Requesting a Guild Mission

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PostSubject: Information on Requesting a Guild Mission   Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:06 am

When requesting a guild mission, you must fill out the following information in the order listed in the following example. Once your mission has been reviewed your post will be updated with the mission prize and have its status marked as ongoing.

The mission prize is a total amount of points, the amount of points for the prize is evenly divided among the party members that completed the mission. (i.e. The prize was 200 points, and the mission was completed with a party of 4, each party member will receive 50 points)

Objective: Item or scenario you need assistance with
Reason: Why do you want or need help with this
Timeframe: Is there a timeframe in which you need this mission completed?
Mission Reward: This space is filled out by the admin

Once a mission is completed
The member who requested the mission, must post in the mission request thread they made and include the names of all the members who helped them complete the mission so the points can be distributed, and the mission can be closed.

Guild missions are meant to help you, not do all your work for you, please do not make outrageous requests such as "need all pages for thunder", or "all pages for shock". You can request a mission for a single page, if a skill book page is your objective.

Please note, you may only request 1 mission at a time.
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Information on Requesting a Guild Mission
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